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Home and Away

An Apache holy man, Diyin, one of Geronimo’s band, escapes on the way to incarceration in Florida. A vision foretells a mission in which he is guided by a red-tailed hawk. He is befriended by a young, impoverished couple, Michael and Sally Collins, in northern Georgia. Their life is affected by him as they move to Pennsylvania and experience a better life. It is there that Diyin discovers a holy place where his beliefs help him search the skies for signs of the future from the Great Spirit. Subsequent generations of the Collins family experience the American Dream punctuated by notable appearances of the red-tailed hawk emphasizing their connection to Native Americans.
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Home and Away

In 1863, sterling louchs, a student at the pennsylvania agricultural college and benjamin taylor, a runaway slave find their journeys intertwined in the days leading up to the battle of gettysburg. Their shared experiences result in sterling reaching his home and benjamin taking first steps towards freedom and a new life.

The Way it Was

A memoir of a depression baby whose formative years were on the home front during World War II and whose college experience enabled him to live the American Dream.

CivilWar Memories

In 1862 Charles “Bump” Conger answers the challenge to do his patriotic duty in the Civil War and enlists in the One Hundred and Fortieth Pennsylvania Volunteers. Left at home is his young wife, Isadora, and three small children to fend for themselves. What was expected to be a few months of military service transitions into three years of conflicting views, hardship and tragedy.

Short Stories

Character driven short stories dealing with an undocumented immigrant, a runaway slave, coming of age experiences, a love story and end of life.